Sun Brewing Your Gynger Tea

This is an all time summer favorite, but can also be done in winter months during the day. It's a great way to make some tea without even turning on the stove -- using the power of the sun to brew your tea.

To make a pitcher, you will need to use 4-8 sachets of your favorite Gynger Tea, depending on how strong you would like your tea flavor. For a single cup you will only need 1 sachet.

Fill your quart or cup with water, add your tea sachets and cover. Place it outside or in an uncovered window ceil where the sunlight can strike the container or cup directly for about 3 to 5 hours.

Note that the sun will move during the day, you will need to move or rotate the quart or cup if necessary to keep it in the sun. When the tea has reached its desired strength, remove from sun and put it in the refrigerator or simply add ice and enjoy.

You may or may not want to remove the tea bags at this point. Depends on how strong you'd like your tea. If adding ice, it is recommended to keep the tea bags in for a longer brew.

Notice the slow steeping has a way of bringing out a slightly different flavor from the tea. Also, because you don't use boiling water for this recipe, you should refrigerate the tea and drink it within a day or two. 

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